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Easy to play Yatzy Online


Easy to play…

Yatzy Online from Miracle Mill is a classic family dice game. Yatzy is a big deal for us and we’ve spent a lot of time to make Yatzy Online into THE yatzy game we would play ourselves.

    There are three main game modes; Scandinavian, International and 6-dice (Maxi Yatzy). All of them can be played online against other players. It’s quick and easy to setup a game against a random player, If you don’t yet have a friend online.
    Invite your facebook friends or search for your yatzy friends through our friend search.

Not so easy… Are you really great at Yatzy? Then try beating our bot… We’ve been really nerdy and used several servers to calculate the outcome of each and every possible outcomes from Yatzy. With over 300 gigabytes of statistics our computer player will know statistically and strategically which dice to select in order to yield as high points as possible.

Don’t believe us? Check out all the 1 star reviews we have saying “the bot is impossible to beat/the bot is cheating”. Well, it’s not cheating, it’s just really that good! Are you?
Doesn’t matter what device your friend is on. iOS, Facebook, Android or Windows Phone 8. We cover all of the major platforms.

Have a tablet? No sweat, you can play in any orientation. Landscape get you a beautiful board where the dices roll out. And portrait is great if you rather prefer to use that direction. We’ve also made portrait a bit bigger, something that is great if you’re eyesight isn’t the best.





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